Rib Lake Health Services

Located in beautiful, Taylor County, Wisconsin, Rib Lake Health Services provides compassionate and personal skilled care 24 hours a day. We specialize in providing rehabilitation services onsite to help our residents regain their independence and return to their homes.

We are unique in the sense that we are a really small community and take a lot of pride in having a very “family like” environment in our facility. Here at Rib Lake, we are committed to make each of our residents feel at ease and have as comfortable transition as possible during this change in their life.

A team of qualified professionals helps residents recover from surgery, injury or serious illness. They understand the importance of creating a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere, whether residents stay for short-term treatment or long-term care.

At Rib Lake Health Services, we understand how choosing the right center for your healthcare needs often comes at an unexpected time and with a variety of stressful decisions. Our family is ready to help your family.

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