Troy Baumann, Co-Founder and Managing Member of North Shore Healthcare
Troy Baumann

Troy Baumann is a Managing Member of North Shore Health Care overseeing the financial environment of the company.

Before co-founding North Shore Health Care, Troy held over 25 years of executive level financial positions, with over 15 years in the long term care arena. Within his 14 years at Community Eldercare Services, he rose up the ranks and was named President in 2010. As President, he was able to refinance debt, complete the purchase of multiple buildings and obtain significant financial growth for the company. Throughout his continual movement up the ranks, Troy has gained a solid reputation for successful growth and trusted leadership.

Troy has been instrumental in the successful creation of North Shore Health Care, its subsidiaries, and their continued financial health.

Jeff Hoehn, Co-Founder and Managing Member of North Shore Healthcare
Jeff Hoehn

Jeff Hoehn is a Managing Member of North Shore Health Care overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of the company.

Prior to co-founding North Shore Health Care, Jeff built a reputation for superb care, fiscal growth and innovative ideas with the acute healthcare system. Holding several senior level executive positions, Jeff has proven himself as a facilitator of change and responsible care, able to balance the tight rope of providing the finest level of quality and a responsible, sustainable business model.

Jeff has been recognized by the Indiana Health Care Association as Advocate of the Year, as well as gaining the Paul Simon’s award for Health Care Innovation in St. Louis, Missouri. He continues to pour his knowledge and dedication into the growth and success of North Shore Health Care.

David Mills, Managing Partner
David Mills
Managing Partner

North Shore Healthcare is pleased to announce that David Mills has joined their team as a Partner and will focus on operation excellence and future business development - David grew up in Central Wisconsin with several family members in the senior care field, David's path was clear from an early age. Starting as an Administrator 30 years ago, his career journey lead him to North Shore Health Care after several years of executive level experience with other healthcare organizations.

David's approach and track record of delivering superior results are based on the foundation of creating a culture of engagement through superior leadership. He has a passion for strategy development and implementation to ensure both the needs of our current and future customers are met. Having operated for many years in the upper Midwest, David brings the added value of market knowledge and long standing relationships to the North Shore team.

Andy Nicely, VP of Business Development
Andy Nicely
VP of Business Development

Andy Nicely is the VP of Business Development of North Shore Healthcare overseeing the business relationships with vendors and partners of the company. Prior to North Shore Healthcare, Andy has 26+ years’ experience in the Post Acute Care Market delivering an optimal blend of strategic P&L management and sales leadership to enhance productivity, efficiency and ROI to improve market position. Andy is skilled in uniting multiple cultures to understand and embrace a corporate vision across Sales, Marketing, and Operations.