Green Bay Health Services

Commitment To Excellence

Green Bay Health Services located in beautiful Green Bay, WI is one of three state operated developmental centers, primarily serving several counties of the Northeastern Region. Green Bay provides services and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), complex behavioral challenges and or medical conditions whose clinical treatment needs cannot be supported in the community.

Green Bay Health Services strives to deliver highly individualized and effective psychological and psychiatric treatment in an home-like environment. Our primary mental health program provides patients and their families with a strategic and personalized blend of clinical psychotherapy and ancillary components which combine to create a comprehensive and customized treatment plan.

We know that every problem can be a challenge, every challenge an opportunity. We have an incredible, compassionate team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to helping you or your loved one overcome many obstacles. Our program is designed with the best evidence behind it, to teach you to build stronger relationships, think more creatively, and live a brighter, better life.

Quick Facts

  • All 125 beds are Medicare and Medicaid certified.
  • All rooms have new electric high/low beds, and cable TV (private phones are also provided for our short-term rehab units).
  • The full in-house rehab unit provides: PT, OT, ST.
  • Admissions can be processed 24/7.
  • RNs are on duty and onsite 24 hours/day.

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